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Nautical Reflections™

The Boat Cleaner that Shines on and on.

“Don’t leave the Shore without it”

Designed out of personal needs…

Don’t be Fooled? We have designed this product 21 years ago and produced it for 18+ years. Some manufacturers want to sell you 12 products to clean your boat! WHY? to flood the market with many useless items. Nautical Reflections is for in and on your boat and has maintained thousands of boaters new and used boats with just this ONE product. Their are many copies that don’t work as well or the same. Compare volume, priced right, we give you more for your money, 32oz versus 16 or 24oz by other manufacturers.

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Company Profile

Diamond F.J.A. Inc. is a manufacturer of several Biodegradable cleaning products for the Marine, Golf, Automotive Industries. Since 07/01/1995 we have surpassed expectations of other well known products on market.

Larry Boyd of Poker Runs America and Power Boating Canada Magazines have stated that NAUTICAL REFLECTIONS™ is the BEST boat cleaner product they have seen in over 30 years and they have tried them all!

Several boat manufacturers carry or recommend


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WEB SITE http://www.nauticalreflections.com



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Diamond F.J.A. INC.


A104 #183

Glendale Az. 85310

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